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She’s a confusing character in the feminist narrative. A pioneer in her field, yet so disappointingly anti-feminist. How do you label her? Should she be viewed as a hero, a villain, an accidental role model?

The feminist and activist was a woman with a pen and a will to change the world.

Remove Phyllis Schlafly, Republican activist, from a list of notable women, urges the writer. 

A writer laments her invisibility in Modern Orthodoxy. 

Could the ‘ugly’ first wife of King Ahasuerus be one of the heroes of the Purim story?

A photo of Girls in Trouble founder, Alicia Jo Rabins.

Six questions for poet-performer Alica Jo Rabins.

A photo of Susannah Heschel.

The noted Jewish studies professor (and daughter of Abraham Joshua Heschel) on feminism, religious studies and bias in society.