While outwardly changing his appearance, inside Matisyahu remains a proud Jew.

Composer Aaron Copland turned the discords of our country into musical masterpieces. 

Regina Spektor’s music reflects pride in her Russian and Jewish background. 

A photo of Girls in Trouble founder, Alicia Jo Rabins.

Six questions for poet-performer Alica Jo Rabins.

Live rock music pulsed through the Rumsey Playfield area in Central Park. The sounds of the beating drums and the electronic guitar could be heard. Instead of indulging in a day of city shopping, my friends and I decided to stop, relax and enjoy the music. “After all,” I found myself saying, “When else can we have a picnic together with some live background music?” For me music is a necessity. I spend almost all of my free time listening to music on my iPod.