Day School

I’m grateful that a turn of events landed me in the Schechter School. 

A look back at my first year in a new, innovative yeshiva high school. 

Highlighter at hand, Gemara wide open, my hand raised high, I anxiously wait to answer the next question about the cities of refuge in the second perek (chapter) of Masechet Makot. I’ve felt this way once before, last year when I learned a similar piece of Gemara. I’ve never been so attached and so interested in any other Judaic text; I feel as if this book was designed specifically for me.

As popular culture evolves to permit increasingly sexually explicit material in the public domain, traditional Jewish ethics remains the same.  Tabloids publicize the latest teen celebrity pregnancy and magazine covers sport scantily-clad movie stars while the Talmud forbids overexposure of the body and pre-marital sex.