College Prep

The College Road Trip: #GetMeOutaHere

Handbook of embarrassing questions? Check. New iPhone Mom can’t turn off? Check. Let the tours begin.  

College Application Inspiration

The February deadline is fast approaching. Use these samples of personal statements to get cracking on your own exposé. Best of luck!  

Oh, The Places I’ll Go

High school was a time to hone tools for the future. 

The Incoming Jewish College Freshman’s Cultural Quiz

A photo of Yeshiva University.

What you need to know to be literate on the Green (and fight the Israel campus wars).

If You Date Someone From Hillel…

A wholly subjective (though carefully considered and quite in-the-know) guide to getting through freshman year of college. OK, so you’re on your own, but remember to call home.

Scamming the System

Students react to the high-profile SAT cheating scandal and new security proposals.

The Competition for College

Turn the nightmare of college applications into a dream of an experience.

College Dreams

Some teenagers have no sense of direction. They trudge along the bumpy road of life, not really sure where they’ll end up, only hoping that they’ll at least stay on the track. Others run. They jump over all the bumps no matter how high with their own personal maps in hand, always thinking, always planning which turn they’re going to take next. They know where they’re going and where the end will be. I’m one of the latter.