Peas Pass The Carrots

On Rosh HaShanah the foods we eat are spiced with meaning. 

Dare To Take The Sefira Challenge?

This one won’t make you cold as ice.

Holiday Happiness In A New Home

Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Israel makes me feel proud.  

Crumbly Hamantaschen

Don't reject the imperfect Purim treat. 

Chanukah Sparks Wonder

Even in high school, where the miracle of oil and the drudgery of homework often conflict. 

Candles Light, Glowing Night

The Chanukah flames give light to the darkest of the night. 

Perfect Presents For Teens

What's wrong with putting a puppy or iPad mini on your Chanukah giving list?  

An American Jewish Holiday

My family celebrated Thanksgiving with fresh baked challah and an elaborate meal in the dining room. 

Thankful For Thanksgiving

Let’s celebrate a national holiday that incorporates the Jewish concept of gratitude.  

The Art Of Making Conversation

Or a simple plan to avoid the dreaded discussions about colleges this Thanksgiving.