Image Via Pexels.

The start of the new school year always comes with a slew of resolutions. This year, I will get enough sleep every night. This year, I will try harder in school and get better grades. This year, I won’t be stressed. This year, I’ll make more friends. This year, I won’t waste time on my phone.

Revealing the frivolous, fun and meaningful reasons behind wearing costumes.

On Rosh HaShanah the foods we eat are spiced with meaning. 

This one won’t make you cold as ice.

Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Israel makes me feel proud.  

Don't reject the imperfect Purim treat. 

Even in high school, where the miracle of oil and the drudgery of homework often conflict. 

The Chanukah flames give light to the darkest of the night. 

What's wrong with putting a puppy or iPad mini on your Chanukah giving list?  

My family celebrated Thanksgiving with fresh baked challah and an elaborate meal in the dining room.