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  • Reply to: A March To A Fresh Perspective   2 years 2 months ago
    Clear and vivid recollection, beautiful reflection, and maybe most eloquent, the author's ability to tie in the life lessons of her journey and how they translate to the mundane and her new vantage point on life. Organic. Powerful. Beautiful.
  • Reply to: My Kind Of Jew   2 years 3 months ago
    A thoughtful article from a very special person, who clearly has learned to define her own way while honoring the traditions of her parents and larger Jewish community. Gabi touches on the dilemma of Jewish teens in the modern, secular world and reminds us that we all have to find the path that works for us, no matter how old we are or when in the history of the world we live.
  • Reply to: Chanukah Sparks Wonder   2 years 7 months ago
    This beautiful story is so well crafted, the sights and delights of Chanukah come alive!! Would like to see more from this talented writer.
  • Reply to: Her Judaism Makes A Big Bang   2 years 8 months ago
    I have Jewish friends two of whom are Orthodox. The first mistake I ever made was trying to shake the hand of the wife of one until it hit me that was a big no-no. I strongly feel that the title of rabbi was used by non Orthodox Jewish women as well. I thought this was now accepted by all, Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. I must have been mistaken.
  • Reply to: Fresh Ink For Me   3 years 4 weeks ago
    Nice article. It is well written and comes from the heart. Keep writing!