Your Exclusive Invitation To Fresh Ink

11/18/2015 - 7:30am
Have your words read by thousands of people? Nothing's wrong with that.


WHO: You

WHAT: To join the writing team of Fresh Ink For Teens, the most popular Jewish teen website. 

WHEN: Anytime you’re not sleeping, taking tests, doing homework, or swimming.

WHERE: From the comfort of anywhere!

WHY: Because you have thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences that are important and deserve to be shared with a large audience.

HOW: Send your ideas to You can write about anything—such as movies, books, family, youth groups, sports, politics, fro yo and more—but you must include something Jewish. 

Think it can’t be done? FIT editor Shira Vickar-Fox will tell you how. 

RSVP: Before you graduate to