Yaakov After Rachel

A Biblical tale of love.

Your eyes open a clear blue sky.
Alighted upon your window,
The sun's rays kiss your cheeks,
And have spun your hair a gold.
You smile, a milk so white has never been
Shown when your two lips part.
Did you laugh the sound of chimes?
Or exclaim success with glee?
The hands, as soft as soil,
Have worked it just the same.
Arise 10 limbs sprout and curve.
Do they shape the round of your lover's cheek?
Are there more words to describe
The beauty you foster?
Is it being carefully wrapped
For this lover of such names,
Which one is hers?
The ocean eyed on your mantelpiece?
There is more than just one picture
Of the dreams that have come true.
Where do they lie?
How much could they mean to you?
The way you look must matter more.
You carry as if it's so
Because what's wrapped
Isn't all that's in store.
But the way you move,
You know, you see,
Just everything.
The chocolate-eyed me
Observes the evidence that speaks of
Your life, your eyes of strife,
Never asking of the death
Of your lovely wife.

author's bio: 
Lizzie Zakaim is a junior at Paramus High School in Paramus, N.J.