Candles Light, Glowing Night

12/09/2015 - 6:30am
The Chanukah flames give light to the darkest of the night.

The bright and inspiring lights of Chanukah. Linor Kuighadoush 

One candle's flame
It gives off light
To the clarity of day

Many more flames
A more powerful shine
But does that help much
To the day's light?

One candle's flame
It gives off light
To the darkest of the night

Many more flames
A stronger glow
Aiding us through
The confusion's blackness

You don't need more light
During the day
But every candle's flame
Helps to make
The night's little twinkle
Gleam stronger

author's bio: 
Linor Kuighadoush is a sophomore at Machon Sarah High School: Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) in Far Rockaway.