Beauty And The Brain

The story of Hedy Lamarr inspires me to balance my social life with my cerebral endeavors.

Turning Old, One Day At A Time

With college looming, I now want time to stop.

Jewish Values Equals Success In Business

An advertising executive taught me to always stand up for my religious beliefs.

Return To ‘Meeting of Minds’

How dressing up like a bald, middle-aged man writer helped me learn about philosophy and literature.

Junior Year: Over, But Not Forgotten

Reflecting back on 11th grade has made me realize the important struggles I went through and the lessons I learned.

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Standing Against Social Anxiety

Although the disorder is chronic, I have been working to combat it ever since I could remember. 

Some Kind Of Wonderful

The newly released blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’ leaves Jews feeling proud. 

Producing My Love Of Israel

Winning isn’t everything when I can make Israel come alive in a video.

Would A Trip To Germany Be Off Sides?

The unusual circumstances that brought me and my dad to a Berlin soccer stadium.

Beyond Hoop Dreams At NCSY Kollel

Big-league learning, on and off the court, in an Israel summer program.

Goodbye & Good Luck

Recent high school graduates share words of wisdom on the past four years. 

Breaking Down The BDS Movement

As a rising high school senior, I’ve been grappling with what the Israel delegitimization effort means for college students.

There Will Always Be Tomorrow

In difficult times, it is important to remember emunah—you must always have faith.

Can You Kill A Culture?

The price of terrorism in Israel. 

What Is Tzniut?

Tzniut, dressing and behaving modestly, is "a mindset that's all mine." 


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