How will I manage college applications and avoid contracting Senioritis?

Confirmation graduates share Jewish reflections.

So begin my heartfelt prayers.

I cook up wonderful friendships in my monthly baking class at a nursing home.

Summer reminds me of Istanbul, where I learned to appreciate my dad’s afternoon simit.

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Here's To 69

A poem to honor the never-ending celebration of Israel. 

A March To A Fresh Perspective

After a tour of concentration camps in Poland, I am less bothered by poor grades and fights with friends. 

My Kind Of Jew

My Judaism is a balance between secularism and observance, and that’s OK by me.

My Special Sister

I’m in awe of the intelligent and reflective young woman my little sister, who is autistic, has become. 

A Kodak Moment

Learning how to focus on God.  

Holiday Happiness In A New Home

Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut in Israel makes me feel proud.  

Who You Calling A Terrorist?

The Muslim community in Akko showed me the beauty of treating people with kindness. 


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s J-Teen to the rescue! 

Laughter With Lots Of Marshmallows

I volunteer with differently abled students and I’ve learned to find meaningful points of connection. 

Israeli Intelligence

Facts for you to counteract myths about Israel. 


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Jitters At The End Of Junior Year

How will I manage college applications and avoid contracting Senioritis? 

Words From The Wise

Confirmation graduates share Jewish reflections.  


Three Steps Back

So begin my heartfelt prayers. 

Dare To Take The Sefira Challenge?

This one won’t make you cold as ice.

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