How AIPAC’s High School Summit Expanded My Israel Advocacy

The conference taught me how to broaden my political activism.

The Swing: L’dor Va’dor

Growing up among the trees.

Are You There, G-d? It’s Me, Tamar

Judy Blume’s books teach us real-lessons about growing up.

The Wall

When faced with a challenge, how will you answer?

Thinking Back To Charlottesville

As Richard Spencer takes to college campuses, I reflect on The Unite the Right rally.

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High Holiday Jews

With the days of awe behind us, I think about why some Jews choose to observe only during these few weeks. 

Resolutions For A New Year

At the beginning of each school year, and around the Jewish holidays, I often find myself thinking about my personal goals.

Incredibly Relatable Memes About Starting School

Reflect on the start of your school year, while getting a good laugh.

How Hilde Bruch Brought Eating Disorders To The Forefront

I hope one day we can eliminate the judgements surrounding women's bodies.

The Bond That Has No Boundaries

During my summer travels, I came to appreciate my connection to the global Jewish community. 

Ingredients Of Identity

Just like a delicious meal, I am a combination of many different experiences and interactions—each new experience adds another layer of flavor.

Sarah Silverman: She’s Not Sorry You Feel That Way

The Jewish comedian took the world by storm, and it’s hard not to take notice.    

Moved By The Mikveh

Converting to Judaism allows me to be part of a tradition of strong Jewish women. 

Sliding Doors, Sliding Stereotypes

‘Broad City’s’ newest episode delivers Jewish comedy in its best form. 

The Nobel Hero

Dr. Rosalyn Yalow showed me that that being different should never be an obstacle preventing success.


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